TLAK is a revolutionary application designed to facilitate and streamline the travel process for the tour agent as well as the traveller.

Create itineraries using the latest ‘intuitive’ features

Detailed itineraries can be created very simplistically describing the events of the trip in a day wise manner. The itinerary is descriptive and will give you the highlights how your day will go. It also gives the inclusions and exclusions as well of the day, these include the tickets to a museum or a show the traveller will be visiting or if meals wold be provided during the trip.

TLAK - Create Itineraries Using Latest Intuitive Features
TLAK - Get All Tour Information on the App

Get All Tour information on the App

Complete information regarding the tour will be available on the TLAK application. This includes your flight tickets, the hotel reservations, your visa and passport information to the travel itineraries, the point of interests and the weather of the place where the traveller will be visiting for the duration of their trip. This is a very convenient way of having all the necessary and important information on your mobile device.

Real-time tracking of multiple tours

This is a great feature that allows you to track all your tours simultaneously. It doesn’t matter if you have 2 or 20 active tours, you can easily track the location and progress of each and every single group. Checking the location of the group is very easy for the Tour operator as, if anyone in the group tour is connected to the internet, may it be the tour agent or one of the travellers.

TLAK - Real-Time Tracking of Multiple Tours
TLAK - Searchable Map of POIs on the App

Searchable map of POIs (point of interest) on the app

This feature allows the traveller to search and see all the point of interests on an interactive map. The travellers using the TLAK application will even be able to see the restaurants, shopping centres, and transports in their nearby location. This will give them a basic information of the all the places of importance nearby.

Alerts and notifications for Admin and Traveler

This is a very helpful feature which gives the admin exclusive options to interact with the tour guide and the travellers. There various types of notifications are mentioned as follows:

  • Scheduled notifications These notifications can be pre scheduled and sent to the travelers at the time that you seem fit. It could be when the travelers arrive at the destination airport or when they reach a particular travel destination.
  • Geo-Fencing notifications These notifications are only sent out to the travelling group when they are in the radius of a point of interest, this enables the tour operator the unique opportunity to inform and possibly interest the passengers of a nearby POI that is not included in their package. If any passenger is interested to visit that POI then the tour agent will arrange a visit to that point of interest at an additional cost.
  • Push notifications Push notifications can be sent out anytime that the tour agent wants which might be any message, important or regarding the tour. This is a very important feature that gives the tour operator the power to get in contact or convey a message to all the passengers of the travel group.

    The alerts option is a great way that sends alerts to the tour agent. The tour operator will get alerts if they tour group is not moving forward according to schedule, or if the flights are delayed.

    SOS: This option is available on the application and can be used by the passengers In the case of an emergency. This will send an alert message to the tour operator and the tour agent.

On-app chatting and collaboration

Tlak gives you the ability to share the amazing pics you click on the way with everyone that you are traveling with. This is a public group where other members of the travel group can even like the pics shared by other passengers. Our application also lets you stay in touch with the tour operator or the travel agent, this is very beneficial for the traveler as they can have a private communication with the tour guide or agent and get whatever information they require which might be in regard to anything related to their trip.

Auto-check flight status on Admin & App

This feature will send out automatic updates to the travel group members regarding the status and information of their flights. The travellers will start getting these updates a few days before the day of their travel. This keeps them updated about the current status of the flight or whether it might be delayed.


Integrated Hotel list and information

This makes it very easy for the tour agent or the person using the admin panel to add the Hotel information. All they need to do is enter the name of the hotel in the search bar and select the Hotel that they want, after which the details of the hotel will he automatically updated along with the pictures.

Share travel documents, tickets and booking details

The travel documents of every passenger can be uploaded by the tour operator which contain all the major travel documents that the traveller needs like, Air tickets, hotel reservations, museum tickets etc. all these can be directly shared with the travellers and they can access it even offline on their mobile devices. This saves a lot of clutter and load of physical documents that the passenger needs to carry. After the documents have been to every individual of the travel group, they have to connect the internet once after which all the documents will be downloaded on their mobile devices and ready to be used even when you are not connected to the internet.