How It Works Spend 70 minutes on TLAK > Save 70 hours in tour operations

TLAK works on three basic principles – Simplicity, cost-effectiveness and ease of use. Through TLAK we have broken down the complex process of travel operation management down to simple tasks and these tasks are further managed through an easy-navigate web panel. The result is a drastic reduction in time to cover all aspects of the tour and exponential improvement in how you manage your actual tour. The secret behind the simplicity of TLAK environment is the enormous amount of complex programming behind the application and smart use of our partner APIs.

Signup to create account (6 minutes)

Sign up for TLAK and we will help you to set up the account. Once inside, complete business settings such as your company’s details, logo, various labels and menus etc. While signing up, there is NO NEED TO MAKE ANY PAYMENT.

TLAK Sign Up

Add Points of Interest (10 minutes)

TLAK saves your time dramatically! Using a dynamically-programmed and map-based form, you can simply add Points-of-Interest of any given destination. It is as easy as searching anything on Google Map! The application takes everything associated with POI like its address, latitude-longitude, state, country etc. and save it as your point-of-interest. Once you are done with adding the POI’s, you don’t have to do it again for other departures making it a one-time job. You can save your precious time by copying a departure.

TLAK - Add Points of Interest

Set departure details and inclusions(4 minutes)

Time to create the actual tour. Enter your tour’s start and end dates along with unique passcodes for the departure. If you are in B2B and the actual tour is taken care of by an agent or a 3rd-party, enter the details here. Check the inclusions of your departure (e.g. visa, accommodation, food, safari etc.).

TLAK - Add Departure Details

Select destinations (5 minutes)

TLAK makes it very easy for you to select the destinations. As you have already added your Points-of-interests, you will need type in the first few letters of the location and add from the drop-down. All POIs you will be shown to you; just select the ones included in your departure.

TLAK - Select Destinations

Create day-wise itinerary (15 minutes)

Select each day of the departure and enter all related details. Alternatively, you may have your day-wise itinerary already with you; copy the details and paste here. Make sure to add an image for the day.

TLAK - Create Day Wise Itinerary

Add travelers (1-4 minutes)

Time to add travelers. You may have a list of travelers already with you; upload the list on one go. You can also enter one at a time. And yes, TLAK doesn’t need anything beyond the traveler’s name to add!

TLAK - Add Travelers

Add Flight and hotel (4 minutes)

Add airline’s code with flight number and TLAK will take care of the rest! Our Partner API will pull all relevant flight related information. What more, from 72-hours prior to the flight, it will show your traveler’s real-time flight status on the app. As for hotels, use the smart form to search and add your hotels.

TLAK - Add Flight & Hotels

Set notifications (1-4 minutes)

What’s an app without timely notifications? TLAK gives you options to set alerts and notifications based on different scenarios. You can notify the traveler 3-hours prior to the flight or send a simple welcome message on landing. Even more, you can broadcast notification at any time during the tour in real-time.

TLAK - Set Notifications

Upload travel documents (6 minutes)

Through TLAK we give you the ability to provide soft copies of necessary documents, hence promoting paper- less delivery. Upload flight tickets, hotel vouchers, itineraries and all other travel documents so that your traveler can download. What more, in all these docs you have the option to do your own branding. Another significant feature of TLAK is that your travelers can view all these documents offline on the application and there is no continuous need of an internet connection.

TLAK - Upload Travel Documents

Add tour officials (3 minutes)

Your departure is managed by tour managers, guides, drivers and so on. Give all of them separate passcodes so that they are distinguished in the app environment. Your tour managers (you can have multiple if needed) also get the option to act as admin in TLAK Chat.

TLAK - Add Tour Officials

Publish your tour

Time to publish the tour to your application. To publish you need to have balance in your account; if you don’t have, add it now. TLAK will charge you based on the number of users activated in the tour (travelers and tour officials). Check pricing here.

TLAK - Activate Your Tour

Use TLAK(as long as you want)

Share tour passcodes and ask your travelers to download the app. Encourage your travelers to use chat to communicate with tour managers and in the group. Travelers can share images, do one-o-one chat with Group Admins, check the tour related details, access the maps and have fun!

Use TLAK to Manage Your Tours

Your own travel application without any investment

With TLAK you don’t have to worry about making a payment before using the application. You can use TLAK to create and modify complete tours, furnished with all the details, and you only need to make a payment when you feel ready to activate the tour. There are no hidden payments or costs and you only pay when you activate a tour. You will be astonished to know that might have to pay as less as 25 cents per traveler.

Use TLAK to Manage Your Tours

White label application

TLAK is among the very limited mobile applications in the travel industry that are White labeled. Opting to use TLAK means that not only you get to benefit from our marvelous features but you can also use your companies name or your agent’s name. This is a great way to promote your company or brand as all your clients will see your name when they use TLAK.

Use TLAK to Manage Your Tours

Upload optional and promote upcoming tours

During an ongoing tour you can add and upload optional tours that are not originally included in the tour program. This way the passengers who are interested in them can pay extra to enjoy those tour and this allows you to upsell on the go. You can also promote your upcoming tours to all the users of your application.

Use TLAK to Manage Your Tours

Free walkthrough

If you want to take a walk through and get a feel of it then download TLAK and login using any of the following passcodes tlktst-moscow4N or tlktst-manali4n.

Use TLAK to Manage Your Tours