Game Changing App for Travelers & Travel Business Owners

Feature Highlights: TLAK Web and Mobile App

TLAK: Create Itineraries

Create itineraries using the latest ‘intuitive’ features

TLAK: Get All Tour information on App

Get All Tour information on the App

TLAK: Real-Time Tracking of Tours

Real-time tracking of multiple tours

TLAK: Searchable Map of POIs on App

Searchable map of POIs (point of interest) on the app

TLAK: Alerts & Notifications for Admin and Traveler

Alerts and notifications for Admin and Traveler

TLAK: On-app Chatting & Collaboration

On-app chatting and collaboration

How TLAK makes a Traveler’s life easy?

TLAK brings every detail a traveler needs or looks for before and during the tour in one single location – The TLAK App for Android and iOS. For any traveler in the tour-group, TLAK App does these:

  • Explore detailed day-wise itinerary
  • Interactive Map with nearby POI, Restaurants, Shopping etc. at the destination
  • Gives reminders and alerts BEFORE and DURING the tour
  • Easy access for all travel-related documents
  • Contact tour manager, travel agent or authority during emergencies
  • Chat with fellow travelers or Tour manager
  • Find out nearby restaurants, shopping or POIs
  • Get flight details, weather, hotel information on the app
What does TLAK bring to the table in travel business?

TLAK makes managing travel business far easier than doing it using conventional ways. TLAK reduces redundancies in communication, tracking, feedback, information sharing and so on. It brings down the overall time spent by several notches and at the same, makes your resources free to carry out other activities involving the business. A few key aspects of TLAK are:

  • educes overhead cost on manpower by one-third
  • Dramatically improves Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Better CSAT means more word-of-mouth publicity
  • Increases overall team efficiency by at least 50%
  • Minimizes mismanagement and operational errors
  • Takes communication process to the next level
Which are the technologies used in TLAK?

TLAK is a programming marvel in itself. It has a simplistic system architecture with complete isolation of data and business logic and is powered by topline IT infrastructure services in the world. The beauty of the system is in its independent modules which work collectively to offer the overall experience both to the travel business owner and the traveler.

Technologies used in TLAK:

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS, world’s no.1 cloud service provider hosts the TLAK code and databases in its world-class datacenter.

TLAKapp for Travellers

Available for both IOS and Android, TLAK is your one stop solution application for all the travel management operations. Offering some of the most amazing features from showcasing your own brand. detailed itinerary creation, to real time tracking of tours, TLAK is a must have application for everyone in the travel business.

TLAK App for Android & iOS